In short

  • Being only three months old, I lost movement in my legs due to a growing tumor (hemangioma) inside my spinal cord. Diagnosis – incomplete paraplegia th 7 with some secondary complications.

  • My habilitation took place in the 80´s which was an exceptional era in the history of Swedish spinal care. A time when goverment support system left a lot to be desired and the possibility to be part of society and really enjoy life all depended on the individual´s own strength to make that happen. The progress in wheelchair design and manuverability reached incredible hights and the spirit of - ”anything is possible”, that was significant of this period, came to play an important part in my life.


  • In my early years, I was convinced that I would become a professional musician but instead I ended up being a professional pool player. My career includes a historic win of six World Championships and during my career I have found different ways of making a living out of my sport in a fashion not previously made in Sweden.


  • The last couple of years I have, in collaboration with governmental authorities FIFH (parasport association), Lund University, Malmö University and Spinal cord rehab medicin specialists, been writing on different initiatives that all are aiming to improve conditions for people with disabilities. These ideas has been implemented in society through projects, courses and lectures, strengthening not only people with disabilities but also everyone who works in relations to the target group and its challanges.


  • On top of trying to change society structures and creating empowerment strategies for people with disabilities, using my own experiece on the subject, I´m also being consulted by individuals and companies for all the sport psychology knowledge I have gained from my twenty years as pro athlete. Coaching, workshops, courses, teambuilding and lectures covering a variety of subjects.


  • Nowadays, I live my life together with my kids, in a house that satisfies my main interests – pool and music!